About Us

A diversified group

Ahad Holdings is the real estate arm of the Manama Group conglomerate. The group is renowned for its successful ventures in multiple industries throughout the GCC.

Ahad Holdings specializes in giving healthy returns on investments to its stakeholders spreading from shareholders through to partners and investors.

Our Business Focus as a Group

Real Estate Development0%
Real Estate Management0%
Textile Production0%
Real Estate Development

Ahad Holdings specializes in residential developments from apartment towers to villas.

Textile Production

Operating one of the largest textile companies in the Middle East and has been one of the industry leaders since.

MEP and Property Management

Prime property management services with MEP services all in a one-stop-botique


Keeping this phenomenon in perspective, we drive through to the cause of building an organization that effectively and efficiently contributes to development of a dynamic region which shall prove to be second to no other. The environmental standards adopted by Ahad Holdings help in redefining the modern day development and is the distinguishing factor in this Industry for us.

We, at Ahad Holdings, extend a trust to our partners which we responsibly foster and let our partners enjoy the fruits of it. Ahad Holdings is in the business of providing investment opportunities through long term partnerships and we believe in escorting our partners to destination.